Special Education Services


Elk Hills School District provides Resource Service Program (RSP) and Speech services for students that qualify. The school program is offered in two settings, 1) “Push-in” Classroom support services, where instructional aides and the special education teacher support students within the regular education classroom, and 2) “Pull-out” program, where students that need additional individual support receive instruction in the resource center.

I think My Child May Need Special Education Services

Parents and individuals who believe a child they know might require special education intervention may call our school office at 661-765-7431 and talk with Mr. Joseph Weyant, Special Education Teacher or you can contact Search and Serve office at Kern County Superintendent of School. Every call results in a personal contact.

Public Hearing Notice – ABP & ASP – 2022-23 Spanish

Public Hearing Notice – ABP & ASP – 2022-23